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He eventually stormed off stage, returning several minutes later.Frampton finished the concert without any video screens, leaving many fans unable to see the action.

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Frank Sinatra's widow Barbara Sinatra is dead at 90, a rep announced Tuesday.

The former model and showgirl, who was Old Blue Eyes' fourth wife, married Sinatra in 1976 and was with him for 22 years until his death in 1998.

While buying into a certain ‘look’ à la Dior was a big hit for 1950s fashion, things were completely changed up in the swinging sixties.

From Brigitte Bardot‘s beehive to Mary Quant’s geometric prints, every 1960s fashion icon contributed their own signature style to the decade (a theme that continued well into 1970s fashion and beyond).

Sunny Clift was an adopted child who at eighteen had been told that her real father and mother were members of prominent Yankee families, forced to part by the tyrannical will of the girl's mother.