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She said in February: 'It’s been frustrating as I don’t label myself one way or another - I have had successful relationships with men and now a woman.

I love who I love, it’s the person that matters.'She explained: 'I hate the idea of a label just as much as anyone else but I’m with who I’m with, I love who I love and I’m if not a better actress than I was yesterday and my personal life should have no effect on that.'I personally think that if you deny something or if you hide something you’re inadvertently admitting it’s wrong.

The 28-year-old actress was followed by famed photographer Ellen von Unwerth as she snapped photos of her before she hopped into her taxi.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Amber Heard That same day, Amber‘s fiance Johnny Depp was spotted getting into his character on the set of his upcoming movie in Boston, Mass.

My husband ran off with his wife, so we kept each other company and we liked to go out for margaritas and Mexican food to commiserate.'Writing about how the affair developed between her brother's wife and her then-husband, Portia detailed: 'He had married his longtime girlfriend, Renee, just before leaving Australia and the two newlyweds moved into an apartment in the same Melrose Place-style complex that was home to me and Mel.'The fact that Renee would wear skimpy, lacy underwear clearly visible underneath her oversized, gaping overalls should have indicated to my brother and me that a personal partnership was also forming.'She continued: 'But when Mel left me and Renee suddenly sabotaged her marriage to my brother to be with Mel.