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Yet he also became "the most tragic of poets", He was "the creator of..cage which is the theatre of Shakespeare's Othello, Racine's Phèdre, of Ibsen and Strindberg," in which "...imprisoned men and women destroy each other by the intensity of their loves and hates", His contemporaries associated him with Socrates as a leader of a decadent intellectualism, both of them being frequently lampooned by comic poets such as Aristophanes.

Whereas Socrates was eventually put on trial and executed as a corrupting influence, Euripides chose a voluntary exile in old age, dying in Macedonia.

See Answer: How can someone be thrown out of the church and handed over to satan be saved, which Paul seems to indicate in 1 Corinthians 5:5?

See Answer: What does the Bible have to say about Lesbians and Homosexuals being in leadership positions in the church?

They are forced to deal with their inner demons, each other, and an island that turns up mystery after mystery.

Also – there was a scientific group called the “Dharma Initiative” who conducted their experiments on that same island in previous years.

Oliver Stahman, 40, an artist and writer from Hamburg, Germany, has lived in Peru for six years. He said: “Peruvians are lovely welcoming people and very open minded towards foreigners.


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