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An Interpol cop from Sydney, who has his own demons, pursues a man in the United States who liberates women from the cultural norms of thinness by feeding them to gross weights. The cop, Phillip Jackson, and his mark, Michael Metszencalmpf, are in a game of cat and mouse - but which is the cat?

He also shows their photographs to Internet subscribers. The "German Cannibal" scene at the start of the film is based on the real life case of Armin Meiwes, a 42 year old computer technician from Rotenburg, Germany, who caused a worldwide scandal in 2003, when it was reported that he had killed and partially ate 43 year old Bernd Brandes, an Engineer from Berlin.

The effect of feeding system and sex on intake, growth and carcass and meat characteristics of Assaf fattening lambs was studied.

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Because the two men had met in an and internet chatroom devoted to Gay cannibal fetishism in which Mr, Brandes had clearly expressed his desire to be killed and eaten, Mr.

Meiwes was shielded from murder charges under laws that were originally enacted to protect doctors who assist terminally-ill patients commit suicide.

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The present results suggest that Free Choice feeding system might be suitable for intensively reared male lambs since improvements in daily weight gain and feed conversion rate were achieved, with no adverse effect on carcass and meat quality.


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