Favorite book dating site

So, we've spent a lot of time in the company of people who read, and we've been able to glean certain personality types based upon the books they may cite as their favorite.

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Previously on the Date Report, we’ve discussed what your specific literary and cinematic preferences might be suggesting to potentially suitable suitors.

Today I’m interested in something a little different.

Many years ago, with the very first Guide in Pajiba's years' long series of them, Dustin wrote a post called Pajiba's Guide to Third-Date Flicks, which essentially characterized the personality of your date based upon that movie he or she cracks out on your third date, traditionally your first stay-in engagement. Joanna is a professional book seller; Dustin is an avid reader.

Joanna was an English major; Dustin was a creative writing major with a minor in English.

"Tuesdays With Morrie doesn't actually like to read.""Best friends with his mom.""Thinks it says something about his emotional depth, which he does not have.""Knew somebody distantly who died once and now he really understands ~mortality~.""Thinks that all ladies like Oprah.""Fight Club just, like, really understands the struggle, man.""Douche fucking alert.""Hasn't actually read the book but believes he can pass it off like he has because of the movie.""Edward Norton's depression without Brad Pitt's abs.""Bedside anarchist.""So over consumerism, so over society, so over being an actual pleasant human being.""Is a mansplainer.""Tao Te Ching was a business major in college.""Also doesn't actually read.""But at least he tried?