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But having sex in water isn't without its risks.

Below, six things you need to know before you dive in.

"One of the reasons lobster culture is not profitable is because they are cannibalistic, and there are lot of expenses that go along with that."3. Usually, lobsters that shed their shells are vulnerable and could be eaten by other lobsters, but when a female says she's ready to get it on, the male lobster will usually opt to have sex with her over killing her.? Small antennae in front of their eyes are used for tracking down food that's farther away. The noise you hear is "air that has been trapped in the stomach and forced through the mouth after being out of water for short periods of time," says Bayer.

"I would describe it as the missionary position," Bayer says. "If you watch a lobster in a tank in a market, you’ll see they’re flipping, looking for food, dissolved substances in the water," says Bayer.5. The grinding structure for breaking up food is called the gastric mill, kind of like a set of teeth on their stomachs, which are right behind the eyes and the size of a walnut in a one-pound lobster.6. Well technically, it's the tomalley—a digestive gland that's the intestine, liver, and pancreas. Lobsters don't have vocal chords, and they can't process pain.8.

Researchers discovered that after having the lobster's larger claw, the crusher claw, clamp down on a load cell, a pressure-measuring device.


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    Four in five people (80%) with mental health problems surveyed said it had affected their sex life, with loss of libido and feeling unattractive or self-conscious as main issues, in comparison to just three in five (60%) partners who said it affected their sex life.

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