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This information would not only help when deciding how long to QT but would help one know what things to keep an eye out for when they are further along in the QT process.For example, if mites have a life cycle which makes their presence apparent in the first 6 weeks, it would be good to know that the focus should shift from looking for mites to looking for (?? Does anyone have a list of the common ball python pathogens with their relative incubation times?

It now goes to the House of Delegates, where Snyder said it has support. Cecil Underwood has indicated he supports the bill, Snyder said.

Earlier attempts to limit the number of such clubs have failed because of fears such legislation would conflict with the constitutional right to freedom of expression, Snyder said.

I'm in a situation where I can't QT in a separate room, because I'm only allowed one room.

Thankfully, right now I only have one snake I really want to protect, so at least I am not risking a lot.

Younger electricians/welders/etc don't know what to do with a saw that doesn't have a battery. If you have a local Airgas store, you might check there--my local store was selling them for $25, because no one in the trades is buying hacksaws anymore. I can't remember what caused me to get that saw, I think it's because a buddy showed me a snap on saw that cost double or more, and told me to make sure I had a saw of that design (actually, like many loyal snap on fans, he said "you have to get the snap on one"). If you're cutting steel or doing anything remotely abusive, they will pay for themselves many times over. Ha, ha, ha not really It is just that in one hour I usually am cutting through thickish aluminum and need the 14 t and then through a chrome molly tube that is a millimeter wall thickness and that would strip some of the teeth out of the 14, if I could even get it to cut right so I need a 32 t for the cro/mo that and a 32 would NEVER cut through the alu it would just load up the blade and give me a good work out but no production.


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    Social Media loves Popular Science:- 2.98 Million Facebook Fans- 503,000 Twitter Followers====HIGHLIGHTS FROM OUR LATEST ISSUE, September / October 2017• The stars gaze into the past—If distant plants could see the light bouncing off Earth from millions of light years away, they’d see dinosaurs or human ancestors.

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    So how much more do you need to know about Scott Speedman to be able to guess what his life is like?