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With The Best Damn Thing, Avril wound up not only taking her image into her hands, but also her music as well: she refused to work with an A&R guy, denied input from her manager, and refused to let her label listen to the tracks until she was done with the album, calling up friends and calling in favors to make the album she’s always wanted to make.

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Taubenfeld had an early interest in music and took an interest at the piano at home as a toddler.

He received a small drum kit as a young child, continuing on a full-size drum kit several years later.

America’s favorite pop-punk starlet is inescapable these days, whether it be through her music (with her catchy-as-hell #1 hit “Girlfriend”) or her headline-making antics (including the controversial cover photo shoot she did for June’s issue of Blender Magazine).

She even had the tenacity to name her latest album The Best Damn Thing, and judging by sales alone, a whole lot of people agree.

After 3 years, he founded Spinfire with his friend Matt Halpern in which he sang and played guitar.