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For a more detailed discussion, please watch my Build 15 presentation here: https://channel9com/events/Build/2015/2-740 Translation: When you configure your AAD application on Azure, you have to set one or more reply URLs: Now when your application attempts to authenticate against AAD, as part of that request it will provide the redirect URI it wants. Again the resource identifier is the thing you want to access.

This allows the application to know when the user’s authentication/authorization flow is finished so it can go ahead and take the access token. What if your application requests for a reply URL that is not in that list? So AAD is basically saying: “Hey, this doesn’t look ok. But here’s what it really means in most cases: When you configure your URL under the application settings in Azure AD, you forgot… So your app goes to AAD and says: Most libraries, such as ADAL, will have that resource identifier as a parameter that you have to provide.

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Here’s the settings I selected for access to user profiles. This is the name that you’ll see in the OAuth Authorization step later on. Don’t worry about the Sign In and Redirect URL’s other than configuring HTTPS as we’ll be using Power Shell to access the Web App.

Once you’ve registered the Web App successfully you’ll get a Client ID and Client Secret.

Users get different permissions in AAD depending on the role they belong to.

For example, all Users get permissions to read their own information.

In this post we will explore into the ways of authenticating a client application with a key vault.