Error occured validating manifest file Videochat sex date

When trying to synchronize assets using Barcode, the error "Error "A server error occured: Failed to get resource manifest from database for delta synchronization" occurs when trying to perform a Barcode sync" occurs.

This can be caused by missing, customized or corrupted Barcode stored procedures in the Symantec_CMDB database.

Identity Provider (Id P) and the JSS integration creates the following login errors in the JSS: User was not mapped to the JSS.

If this happens, check the following: -Whether the corresponding user or group exists in the JSS -Your Identity Provider sent the correct values -User or Group Mapping are correctly configured When uploading a metadata file to the JSS, users might be presented with the following error message: "Metadata file does not contain signing certificate information".

Next, after splunkd starts, the check validates all files shipped with Splunk Enterprise (default conf files, libraries, binaries, data files, and so on).