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Howard said they were out on the street and a woman said that she looked at it through a Saltine cracker. Howard said that they used to days that you could prevent pregnancy with Pepsi. He said he's doing his late night show and the morning show. Underdog said that it was after their lunch period so they were just made to go in there and wait. Howard said Jimmy wanted to have her on for that but it's too late.

Howard played a clip of the woman talking about using the Saltine. That led to Fred doing his Ronnie impression talking about that. He said he thinks he's doing alright with all of that stuff.

am After the break Howard came right back and Jimmy was talking about Trump looking at the sun yesterday during the eclipse. Howard said Shuli has to work with Suzanne on this. Jimmy said he'd love to be responsible for the biggest Hit 'em with the Hein of all time. Howard said there was a great bad pitch the other night and they were talking about Baba Booey's pitch.

Howard said if Jimmy lost his vision he'd be mentioned. He said they'd have to do something with Underdog if that's what it was about. Underdog said she wanted to be on last year for the 50th anniversary. Howard said he doesn't care about it and he doesn't want to lose his vision. Jimmy asked if she would dance on stage with a popular band. She said there was no official observance other than what she did. Howard asked if things have changed for her about him.

She said: 'I was just trying to teach her that biting is bad.' Price wept at Manchester Crown Court as she admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm and was handed a 12-month jail sentence suspended for two years.