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Either way, while she doesn't usually bring a date on the red carpet, hopefully it won't be too long before we see Rachel locking lips again with her real life leading man. After graduating from a four-year theatre program at York University in 2001, Mc Adams initially worked in Canadian television and film productions such as My Name Is Tanino, Perfect Pie (for which she received a Genie Award nomination) and Slings and Arrows (for which she won a Gemini Award). She received a helping hand from an assistant as she walked by the University of Toronto while wearing a white strapless wedding dress.

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I don't know, I like to go on really different types of dates.

Going someplace new or some new part of the city, something that's not your average thing.

I'll take Goldberg's word that the movie obeys the laws of Einsteinian physics (no alternate universes, you can't change history, etc.), but it's in flagrant violation of the rules of narrative logic, character development, or the most basic audience satisfaction.

Henry De Tamble (Eric Bana) has a genetic disorder that causes him to disappear at random moments into parts of his own future or past.

So we were waiting on Eric's hair." To clarify, the new scene was not a correction, but rather an addition to the story. "We did an additional scene in the meadow, so we were also waiting on the meadow to look the way it did [the first time we shot]. Basically we were waiting on nature and Eric's hair." Mc Adams has not seen the new final cut, but early assemblies suggested the film of Audrey Niffenegger's novel will emphasize romance over sci-fi. "I saw a cut, like, quite a long time ago, a very, very rough cut. But from what I remember then, it's quite focused on the relationship.


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