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That is because the sub query simply asks for at least one row that has the same date in both w1 and w2.

Consider that Works On_m has only one row: Is there a record in both w1 and w2 with the date 12/03/2014? Are you applying any other conditions in the WHERE clause? So you'll get all employees, because you're basically saying "Give me all employees WHERE 1=1".

From my experience, the best way is to work with mature dating sites as the majority of the audiences are males past their 30s.

Various dating sites and forums blog about relationships.

Some networks have their own dating products, which is a really good way to work as it brings you unique conditions and fast response for offers like Spdate, Kismia, Hitwe or Victoria Brides. First, go to main dating sites in the country you are interested in and take a look at what ads are placed there, and the sort of offers they promote.