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’ After inviting comments from viewers, the 52-year-old added: ‘Let me know your thoughts, and if anyone thinks we should, I’ve got a doctor you can see later.’ Cue rather awkward looks from fellow presenters Susanna Reid and Charlotte Hawkins.

Emma Watson helped a reporter get pen off her chin mid-interview, the absolute sweetheart.

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This provides a wealth of information on the many, very nuanced ways women like to be stimulated.

The site’s founders (in partnership with researchers at Indiana University and The Kinsey Institute) conducted extensive interviews with 2000 women in American between the ages of 18 and 95 to discover more about women’s pleasure.

The site smashes taboos surrounding female sexuality and treats the female orgasm with an unprecedented seriousness: tackling the complexities surrounding the ways in which women experience pleasure with honesty and no shame.

OMGYes is also a welcome antidote to expectation-distorting mainstream porn, and Hollywood stereotypes that perpetuate the idea that all women can reach orgasm quickly and from penetrative sex alone.

Following this investigation they determined that there are 12 ways to make a woman orgasm and commissioned videos unpacking these various techniques so that anyone with internet access could benefit from the insights.


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