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She doesn't always yearn for the tender tracing of her body. Theres no doubt that quick sex keeps you connected and feeling good.

Sometimes she simply wants to be tackled when she walks through the door, and made to feel insanely desirable. Emotionally, the feeling of being desired, satisfying a partner and oneself enhances one's self-esteem.

The eroticism of surprise - a reminder of the full force of a lover's needs and desires - can be a powerful motivation. Quickies encourage people to try different ways of having sex. We end up having sex the same way and doing the same things without really thinking about what we're doing or why.

As long as you and your lady have an understanding as to what type of conduct is welcome, it's perfectly all right to grab her and strip her clothes off (bearing in mind that tearing buttons off an expensive blouse is not a turn-on).

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