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Men Get Eating Disorders Too is an award winning national charity is run by and for men with eating disorders including their carers and families.

In medical terms, there are 3 classes of eating disorders: ANOREXIA, BULIMIA and BINGE EATING DISORDER.

The criteria used to make these diagnoses have recently changed, such that more people meet the diagnosis than ever before.

It used to just be women who do this, now men do it too. Disordered eating is complicated and difficult to overcome, mostly because high calorie and less nutritious foods tend to taste better to us. Poor eating is unhealthy and can get us frustrated and down, and it can develop into an eating disorder, but in itself, it is not an actual disorder.

Daily, new research is revealing that eating disorders are much like any other addiction.

They affect the pleasure centers of the brain much like cocaine or heroin, and can be even more dangerous.