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In addition to the principal branches just listed, there are several poorly documented extinct languages of which enough is known to be sure that they were Indo-European and that they did not belong in any of the groups enumerated above (e.g., ‘they are.’ Agreements in pure structure, totally divorced from phonetic substance, are, at best, of dubious value in proving membership in the Indo-European family.Table 1 gives examples of typical vocabulary items widely shared within the Indo-European family that have been decisive in establishing the family.

Here are the top 25 castles in Europe, in no particular order.

For many of those that see this castle for the first time, they get a niggling feeling that Castle Neuschwanstein looks so familiar.

Alexander the Great is said to have discovered dwarfed apples in Kazakhstan and brought them back to Macedonia in 328 BC, but there is fossilized evidence of apples dating as far back as the Iron and Stone Ages in Switzerland and other parts of Europe.

The Romans are thought to have introduced apples to England, and from there American colonists started spreading them throughout the New World.

Picture of a partial survey done on a high hill obelisk site east of Auckland City.