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Psalm 1-68, 71 Do you hear the psalmist say, “It was good” for him to suffer affliction?

That’s because it’s the pain that brought him to his senses and repentance.

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If you checked more than three, don’t be discouraged.

If God taught me, the queen of people pleasing, how to overcome the enabling monster, He is capable to do the same for others. Here are tips on how to start overcoming the plague of enabling, people pleasing, and codependency.

This is also a continuation of yesterday’s post, “What if You’re the Only One Holding On.” Today I will deal with what you should do if your spouse has found someone new, but you still want to save your marriage.

Although this is an affair issue, I will not be talking about how to catch your spouse, how to stop the affair, or how to reconcile after the affair has stopped.

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