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Attraction is a completely different ball game where it’s purely front end attraction of women.However when you do end up with the woman you want, you need to have your inner game handled in order to hold onto her.

As I got to know him, he explained that he had spent the last several years developing a "unified theory" of psychology. LIFE-CHANGINGDavid D talks about how to get to durable fulfilment in your life, and how to get away from destructive thoughts and actions.

This is slides book to David de Angelo Double Your Dating Deep Inner Game DVD Program.

De Angelo, working under his real name Eben Pagan, has also gained wide acclaim in the internet marketing space, offering business and personal development advice to marketers.

De Angelo was originally a real estate and mortgage broker in San Diego, where, shortly after moving there, he was experiencing frustration in his attempts to date women.

If you already "get" what it means to be a mature, masculine, confident man who knows what he's doing in life...