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OUTTOWN is a popular weekly entertainment blog edited by award winning journalist/event producer Marcus Ma'at Atkins.It is based in the St Louis area that covers arts and entertainment events in the Illinois /Missouri area every Tuesday with a pic recap of events taken and every Thursday with an A&E news wrap up of events going on called ILLI MO A&E BITZ.

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While the new album's lead single, "Bottoms Up" featuring rap starlet Nicki Minaj -- No.

23 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs -- is good-natured club fun, most of the other songs recorded thus far for the album are more heart-pounding than arousing.

6 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and sold 247,000 downloads, was released.

The playful and catchy "LOL :)," featuring PATIENCE AND PERSISTENCEIn the current singles-dominated paradigm of the music business, it's rare for an artist to break through on his third album.

[Broadway:]I kno about those things yo friends be tellin you that I'm cheatin under da sheets With anotha girl I can see dat u wanna draw your own conclusions And automaticaly assumin I'm with another woman Now tell me tell me wat you wanna do about dis Do u wanna quit Do u wanna keep it moving Do u really wanna make da wrong decision In a long run it's gonna b my love dat u missin Y u gotta tell all of your friends about our business With the only one u shud be talkin to is your man So jus let me kno how u want this to happen Cud it be u n me Which way do it go from here[Chorus: x2]Don't believe everything u hear through the great vine Listenen to this he say shhh wastin my time I can't take it...


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