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Higham, who is an atheist, said that it was obviously impossible to say with any certainty that the remains belonged to John the Baptist. "I'm much less skeptical than I was at the beginning. But I'd like to find out more," he told Reuters on Friday.

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LONDON (Reuters) - Bulgaria's claim to have unearthed six bones belonging to John the Baptist has received a boost from scientists who have concluded after dating them and analyzing their genetic code that they could indeed be relics of the man who baptized Jesus.

The remains, which include a molar and a piece of cranium, were found in July 2010 in a marble sarcophagus in the ruins of a medieval church on the island of Sveti Ivan, or Saint John, off Bulgaria's Black Sea coast near the resort of Sozopol.

But combined with new DNA decay data, it builds a strong argument against evolutionary time.

Fossil experts have studied original dinosaur tissues and biochemicals for a long time.

Popkonstantinov made his discovery when excavating a sixth century church on the island, built on top of a basilica from the century before.