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So she could see that you shared: 100 Dirty questions to ask a girl and I can assure you that she will feel curious, she will read it and who knows, she might even make some of these questions!

If you have been going on too long without knowing, how to talk to your partner, and you have to talk about it, with these 100 Dirty questions to ask a girl. It occurred to me to list of Dirty questions to ask a girl or guy, and pass questions to my friends, so they can also play…

What's one book that you had to read for school that you ended up loving? If you could go to any college, regardless of cost or location, where would you go?

When you are scrolling through Instagram, would you rather see lots of posts from close friends, or from celebs you've never met? Would you rather be forced to drink a Frappuccino every day FOR ETERNITY or never be able to drink a Frappuccino again? Would you rather have someone give you $100 or have everyone in your class get $10?

Immediately below is an outline, followed by the main document and the appendix. There is a learning curve (albeit a quick and easy one) to jump on and ride, and there are exceptional situations that, once recognized and categorized, can be responded to by convention.


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