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He screams and two faces pop out of a window above--Lindsay and her brother Kevin (Philip Daniel Bolden), who both laugh as this former suitor runs far far away.

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Dinner and a movie is the deer urine of dating

Prisoners are tortured and, most famously, forced to play Russian Roulette for the amusement of captors gambling on the outcomes. War trauma sends some of them even deeper into a netherworld of violence and, in at least one case, drug addiction.

A drunk man who has stripped off his clothes is seen nude from far in the dark.

Janet and Paris are fighting because Janet gets up at to go jogging, wakes Paris up, and then the resulting argument wakes everybody up, and - oh!

RORY: Okay, so the next time that Babette gives you a bag of bulbs to plant because you're lonely, you say.

The deer runs down the hall and crashes into the bathroom where it runs into Lenny's eldest son Greg showering scaring him and making the deer urinate on him.


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    An in-depth profile of the four functions Ni, Fe, Ti, Se.

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    published the first issue of Who's Who in Baseball. Starting in 1916 Who's Who in Baseball was published annually by Baseball Magazine until 1952 when Harris Publications took over.

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    TV shows and movies are chock full of hard-boiled detectives who put the squeeze on a local informant to get information.

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    Where once the family was the stable foundation upon which all else was built, today its shattered remnants are the source of much of what troubles society.