Dependency property not updating ui

Typically we would have one View per View Model, but that’s not a requirement at all (more like a generalized observation), and in fact there are some situations where we might want to have multiple Views for the same View Model (or break a complex View Model into multiple parts while still connecting to a single View).The View Models are supposed to capable of standing alone, and we use data bindings and command bindings to connect the two.You also look at using the Marketplace Test Kit to determine the capability requirements of your app.

dependency property not updating ui-20

You see how to profile your app’s performance and memory usage, improve the responsiveness of your app, and help ensure that your app passes the Windows Phone Marketplace certification requirements.

The chapter turns to the custom code and commonly used techniques that you see throughout the book and that underpin many of the examples in subsequent chapters.

Thus, the property in the code has to raise a property Change event in order to notify the //create the Text Field var text Field Module = require("ui/text-field"); var target Text Field = new text Field Module.

Text Field(); //create the Label var label Module = require("ui/label"); var target Label = new label Module.

Label(); //create the Text Field import text Field Module = require("ui/text-field"); var target Text Field = new text Field Module.


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