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Turbo team welcomes hints, tips and tricks to make the guide even better: comments can be left using the guide own commenting system (free registration required). Next release will have a new icon theme(at least) and will drop Qt4 support.Also Qt 5.7.1 seems to be the last release supporting Windows XP.It is unknown how long I am going to still support it. Thanks to Let's Encrypt and to shiki (forum admin).

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Along with the features typical of contemporary Bit Torrent clients, it supports UPn P gateway configuration, bandwidth scheduling, Webseeding, selecting only certain files for download inside a torrent package, NAT traversal (removed in v.1.03), Initial-Seeding (Super-Seeding) and support for Magnet Links.

When downloading, Bit Comet gives you the option to prioritize the first and last portions of media files so that files may be previewed before they are completely downloaded.

The Bit Comet program is a multi-threaded multi-protocol hybrid download manager and Bit Torrent Peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing application. To complete a particular download, it can draw parts of files from many sources across different P2P and client–server protocols.

Bit Comet's chief features include an embedded Internet Explorer window to let users search for torrents.

Pieshell is a Python shell environment that combines the expressiveness of shell pipelines with the prower of python iterators. Popen Boing is a toolkit designed to support the development of multi-touchand gesture enabled applications.


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