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Bullying occurs in the forms of physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual/racial torment.

It also includes the exclusion or isolation of another person and can be done face to face, in writing, by text, or via the internet.

The high sexual assault rates among Deaf and Hard of Hearing students may be partially attributed to their limited sexuality education and knowledge, most often as a result of communication, language, and cultural barriers.

The purpose of this study was to 1) examine a possible relationship between levels of sexuality education, sexual communication, rape myth acceptance, and sexual assault experience, along with demographic variables, among Deaf and Hard of Hearing college students; and 2) examine differences between students previously educated in schools for the Deaf versus mainstream schools, with regard to their levels of sexuality education, sexual communication, rape myth acceptance, and sexual assault experience.

However, compatibility in these areas did not co-occur with significant decreases in physical, psychological, or sexual partner violence.

Recommendations for future research as well as implications for clinical and educational practice are outlined.

Using a sample of Deaf female undergraduate students, the current study sought to investigate the prevalence, correlates, and characteristics of intimate partner violence victimization in hearing–Deaf and Deaf–Deaf relationships.


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