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--by Jay Siekierski The ECM imprint issued Dave Liebman's Lookout Farm, one of the discs in the 70s that helped form my more literate jazz tastes.There was a clerk, Bill Furman, at the Hermosa Beach Platterpuss record shop just off the ocean who knew from music and, as I was grabbing a side by my fave jazz band, Oregon, he handed Lookout to me, smiled, and said "Try this!

It was apparently Photoshopped by the 17-year-old girl who runs the account using tabloid headlines and photos pulled from this April Hollywood Life article linking Zac to someone named Halston Sage.

who is obviously blind, was reposted by Franco from the fan account @davefrancock.

" He'd never failed me before and certainly didn't there either.

Of course, I dug the hell out of it and, returning to the shop the next week, noted that Paul Motian was on the same label, so I picked up Conception Vessel.

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    (1)The Bride of the Serpent Prince (1) The title is a bit misleading.

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