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So it seems the same-sex equivalent of an invalidly married heterosexual couple "living as brother and sister" is ok? I understand that the Church teaches that same-sex attraction by itself is not sinful, but sexual acts between those of the same sex are not only sinful, but are mortally so.

However, does that mean that it is ok for people with SSA to "date" as long as they remain chaste? Obviously nothing involving genitals, but would the Church consider it a sin for same-sex couples to kiss, or embrace? Same-sex couples are not allowed to date or do anything that those who date would normally do, like kiss.

If on the other hand by 'dating' you mean perpetually stringing various people along in order to gratify ones-self then of course NO NO NO! Words in themselves change in their meaning over time and what may meanone thing here (in the UK) may mean something different elsewhere.

So then what about 'dating' versus 'courtship' for Christians? The dictionary definition of dating is as follows: Dating: Well that on the face of it that seems ok to me! so why have the we all got such a negative view of dating if it's just to "engage socially with another person - often out of romantic interest. The answer must lie in the fact that to many dating has taken on a completely different meaning and I have no idea where from.

Both have promised there will be no sexual activity until she is of a legal age.


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