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The League dubbed the event “Candi-dating” and based the format on speed dating, a tried and true formula for meeting a large number of people in a relatively short span of time.

As the over 60 attendees arrived for the evening program, each was given a number and assigned to a small group.

They haven’t even put on their coat yet, for goodness sake. Include a button underneath your ‘hi’ sentence encouraging site visitors to ‘Learn More’ about you. Our friends at Rocket Fuel put it most vividly when they wrote “a boring website contains overly long paragraphs that threaten to make your eyes bleed (especially on the homepage)”.

If you caught a user’s attention on your homepage, the next part is super important: what information do you put right on the homepage vs. Be skimmable, and don’t be afraid of some white space on your homepage (or a break in conversation with our running dating analogy). Though skimming is important, there should definitely be more content on the homepage than crazy images and animations.

Five minutes of rapid, back-and-forth conversation and then it was time for each group to move to the next candidate.