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Be honest with both of these dudes and tell them you’re super confused and you need some time to yourself to think.

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A married woman is going to know exactly what she wants from life, and will exercise the option to do so.

Perhaps you find your desires toying with the idea of asking a married woman out.

And if you tolerate being in a love triangle, you are allowing yourself to be played in an embarrassing manner.

However, for those that find themselves in a love triangle and realize it’s time to exit, you can’t approach this scenario the same way you would a “normal” breakup.

If you still can’t make up your mind once you really think about everything, you should break up with your boyfriend.


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    Baker agreed to come look at the items and told his friend they were being undervalued.

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    Im Ausland führt das nur zur Verwirrung, weil die Gesprächspartner nicht wissen, ob sie die 0 mitwählen müssen oder nicht.

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