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This is primarily manifest in a hefty supply of castle ruins, which are at least 100 years older than their mainland Japan counterparts.At one point, Okinawa was the site of more than 220 castles, dating to the 15th century, when the area was known as the Ryukyu Kingdom.

These days, you can’t travel far without seeing castle ruins, some with walls still standing, many currently undergoing renovation.

Others have been neglected for so long that time and erosion have left only a few blocks of once magnificent structures. Hideo Inoue, retired professor at the Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, most of the castles were closed or destroyed about 500 years ago.

How to get there Tokyo Japan Okinawa Japan Japan Train Osaka Japan Kyoto Japan Basics Climate Learn Japanese Japan News Japan School Jobs in Japan Japanese Food Japanese Garden Japanese Language Japanese Sword Japan Flag Japanese Anime Japanese Fashion Japanese Calligraphy Japanese Drama Japanese Music Japanese Architecture Japanese Internment Camp China Japan Relations Ancient Japan Japan is a very unique and exciting country.

Each region and each city has a different thing to offer.

K Shuri Castle is the top remaining testament to the Ryukyu Dynasty.


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