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I am not sure how important the capitalization in russian language is, so maybe choosing the abbreviated russian form is tolerable either capitalized or not (if OP wants at all abbreviations).

Thanks, you chose a way of translation from English to Russian. But probably an accepted language (Java-8 and Java-pre-8 variants) would work.

where locale is of type Locale The problem is months are not parsed correctly . Joda-Time does not offer a good solution in a Java-pre-8 environment because it only delegates to JDK. Finally there is also my library Time4J which can solve the problem like Java-8, but uses its own text resources for Russian and understands both forms (old style and standalone-style), so this is a simple solution for older Java-versions (and will of course not be obsoleted by Java-8 due to many other feature enhancements). I believe it is about capitalization, but not quite sure (russian is not my language). After many exceptions I realized that weekdays start not from Monday (see

One idea is to convert incorrect months to proper ones in my logic Is there any thing by which Java do this automatically ? Sorry if my answer would not fully fit the question, but still' I'd like to share my way of solving the issue with translating the Date into Russian format.

Thanks Date jud = new Simple Date Format("yyyy-MM-dd").parse("2014-02-28"); String month = Date Date Instance(Simple Date Format. Had big headache with dealing with Date Time Locales and so on, I started to simply translate Weekdays and Months in String representation of original Date Time.


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