Dating revenge stories

Yeah well, someone should really change it to, “don’t believe everything a guy does on the internet.” Guys are douchebags.

Revenge Stories #3 Hi, I have a pretty crazy story I would like to share with you guys. The relationship was nothing serious, but we had a decent time together and sex was ****ing unbelievable.

A few weeks later, he had been out "shopping" again and came home to "fetch his bank card" (which I had seen him take with him) I was planting seedlings in the garden. They couldn't even think of anything for me to do so I read novels all day, while trying to suggest projects that would actually get them off their fat lazy asses (I was supposed to do PR).

He stood next to me looking so pale that he was almost yellow - no colour in his sweet little lying cheeks. They rejected all my ideas so I sat in my little office across the hall and read more novels while looking for another job and they continued to sh&t on me.

” “She used me, made me do all her spreadsheets and presentations at work.

When we broke up, I had her hard drive with me and she wanted it back for work related stuff.

His behaviour got nastier and nastier, but sometimes more loving than ever before. Of course he denied anything was going on when I asked him if he was seeing her. Well started 6 months ago, met someone online, and since day one ive been played and just found out now, What happened was started speaking, then phone calls last hours, soon enough she told me she loved me, I fall for the patter, well met not long ago, she was up in the area for a reason, she met took het to the coast/beach had a great day. Yeah beep beep great isnt she, dripping wet when I slide my hand into her etc and so on? She has very long hair that she takes such pride in so I knew I had to do something to ruin it.