Dating paraplegic

Amy pushed her wheelchair up to the driver's door and used the remote to unlock it.She opened the door and moved her wheelchair up to the car seat and locked the wheels.

"For example, people with spinal cord injury are often portrayed in movies as sexually frustrated men and women who either have to rely on buying sex from a prostitute or have to go without," he says.

Nothing could be further from the truth, says Beverly Whipple, Ph D, RN, FAAN, a professor emerita in the college of nursing in the neuroscience center at Rutgers University and a noted researcher on sexual health. But do you only taste peppermint in the red or throughout the candy cane?

She then put one hand on the car seat and the other on the seat of her chair and lifted her butt part way into the car.

As she got most of herself on to the car seat she moved her left hand to the right wheel of her chair and the right grabbed hold of the arm rest and she lifted and moved the rest of the way on to the seat.

Fact is, disabled sex can be both a healthy and rewarding experiencefor those living with a disability.