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The reality of that aphorism hits home harder for some more than others, as the creator of the i CEnhancer visual modification (based on Boris Vorontsov's ENB shader enhancement mod) has decided to take his leave from the internet modding community, for now.

Throughout the game there are several women that you have the option of dating.

Once you take them out, if they like you enough, when you bring them back home, you will have the option to press to take them to bed.

Niko's mother Milica, who possesses a maternal and caring nature in the backstory, regrets that her sons have been forced to endure such hardships as children.

Niko participates in an unnamed war as an infantryman, tank operator, and helicopter pilot.

The titular character in GTA IV, he’s not exactly a jovial fellow. I also spent those 40 hours killing people and running away from cops, classic GTA standards.