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Image Source Transcript My Dearest Fanny, I am writing these few lines to tell you that I cannot live any longer without you. I think you are a beauty and the nicest girl I ever saw and I adore you.

Oh exquisite Fanny, do not despise me for loving you so well. Can you meet me on Monday night, when I will take you to the Star Music Hall. Reply by next post to Your loving William Weightman B- What in the heck am I supposed to say...

Two years later, she was on her trip to Taiwan again with love and hope, she found out that he was engaged, but broke up because Kemin loves Yari. Soon, Yari had doubts about Kemin and starts to worry that Kemin might be cheating on her.

But despite all the doubts, they managed to be together.

Sincerely, Dave Darling Jake, At night, I lie down and imagine you are here with me.