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Momo is the younger sister of Lala, the alien princess who has long since been engaged to the human Rito.

Although Rito’s heart continues to waver between Lala and his first crush, Haruna, Momo finds herself unable to deny the feelings she has for the hapless human male.

If you liked Rosario Vampire, then you'll love Tu-LOVE-Ru, or otherwise. Same kind of harem comedy with a lot of ecchi and fanservice in it but absolutely nothing that can be considered story that took more then 5 minute to think of. So if you can enjoy one of them you'll probably also like the other.

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With how popular the series is, I don't see why not.

Just gonna have to give it some time for the source material to get ahead.

To love ru darkness or we can called TLR darkness, is focussing on Momo (Lala's sister) and Mae (Yami's sister) story.

As for Mae, she is the new character that just appears in this season.

Sairenji Haruna, the sweet girl Rito has loved for years?