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Research has also indicated that they are at a heightened risk of experiencing physical or sexual violence.Probing more deeply into this increased risk of abuse, a new study led by the University of Pennsylvania's Sara R. Why not join Sussex Singles 50 Plus and meet your fut...

Speak out, speak up, and if you know someone who may be in an unhealthy relationship, say something.

HONEYMOON is an award-winning video game about teen dating violence which allows the game player to select their gender and the gender of their crush – an important reminder that dating abuse can affect anybody regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

The survey asked girls to report their age at their first menstrual period, an objective measure of pubertal development, and whether they were more or less physically developed than their peers, a subjective measure.

It can be difficult to make new friends and get out and about if you have a learning disability.

Become empowered, learn about teen dating violence and strategies for protection and prevention.


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    If you haven't done so, please plug your graphic cards into the computer. Now turn on your computer, make sure to boot from the USB drive.

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    While interracial dating remains taboo in many circles, many undergraduates say the College provides an unusually accepting atmosphere in which love can cross color lines.

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    They have been together for more than two years now.

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    They see my delight in swiping, an activity most of them find boring or even disheartening at this point, as refreshing.