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Internally the post has been severely damaged by fire andlittle remains.The WB1401 carrier receiver and it's loudspeaker are still intact although heat damaged but the Tele-Talk is broken in half.

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Within two minutes’ walk is the centre of this delightful historic town, which offers a large variety of shops, tea rooms, pubs, restaurants and one of England’s highest golf courses. The town is the main centre for Shropshire’s hill country and home to a variety of tea rooms, pubs and specialist shops.

This welcoming cottage occupies a fantastic location for enjoying the scenic walks and cycle rides that the area is famous for. Other local attractions include walks on the Long Mynd, the Acton Scott Historic Working Farm and Stokesay Castle.

A wide range of aircraft are available for close viewing including; transport aircraft, jet fighters and unique research airframes.

Visitors will be able to get a feel for what it was like to fly these much loved machines and in addition, have after-hours access to the museum.

Our 4-star Country House, nestling on the slopes of the Long Mynd, is geared to the needs of walkers and outdoor enthusiasts.


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