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Take a look at the other context clues surrounding this guy: Do the two of you go on actual dates?

Does he spend a lot of time on his phone when you are together?

By giving your partner ample time to make a decision about being in a serious relationship, you’re not only respecting his or her wishes and time frame, but you’re also showing your partner that he or she’s worth waiting for in every respect.

And by standing by your partner through his or her decision-making process, he or she can see just how much you honor and care about his or her needs, and this in-and-of-itself can help to solidify your partner’s decision to want to be with you.

It is safe to assume nine times out of 10, “I am not ready for a serious relationship,” is better translated as, “I am not ready for a serious relationship with you.” When a man finds a woman he is crazy about, he will want to take her off the market posthaste.


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