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The application of the pendulum to clocks revolutionized clockmaking and brought to timekeeping an accuracy that up to this time was impossible to achieve.

However, it was the invention of the anchor escapement by William Clement, an Englishman in 1671, using a "seconds" pendulum, 39 inches long and vibrating through a small arc, that cleared the way for making the weight and pendulum tall case clock practical.

This is an essential text for the antique clock enthusiast.

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Rare and early Figured walnut case with carved roses paterae and glass painting the top of the hood.

Full length trunk door with rounded quarter columns to sides.

Bornholm clocks are pendulum driven clocks that were made from 1745 until 1990.

However the demand for Bornholm grandfather clock began receding in recent years.

Over time the designs evolved and the first recognisable longcase clocks were being made by makers like Edward East and Fromanteel during the 1670s.