Dating and going out

Her take: “I went out with a guy I met online who seemed really sweet and charming. A few days later, he texts me to say that he isn't looking for a girlfriend—just casual sex.

I felt cheated and hurt.” -Andrea C., 31Expert take: Even if a guy doesn’t say straight out in his profile that he’s only looking for hook-ups, some will offer hints.

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And why would we, when the allure of staying in has reached irresistible proportions?

Why risk a restaurant when you can order Seamless or sauté premade gnocchi from Blue Apron? Why go to a reading when you can download a podcast?

God knows I, a 32-year-old, treasure quiet Friday nights in a way my 25-year-old self probably wouldn’t have recognized.

"Please don't assume we're going to the nicest restaurant in the city because I won't take you there.

An Australian magazine has made bizarre claims that Kylie Minogue has been 'quietly dating' Prince Andrew for 'several weeks'.