Dating a rickenbacker

All amps mentionend here are all tube amps (except where noted).

The GA amps were named like this: Letters following the model number indicate whether an amp was plain (no letter), had temolo (T), reverb (RV), tremolo and reverb (RT or RVT), vibrato (V), a JBL speaker (L), or reverb, echo, and tremolo (RET). Open questions, various info, and other data are collected in the other stuff section.

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Rickenbacker was issued a patent on the pickup effective August 10, 1937.

Old Adolf Rickenbacker was so happy that on that very day, all guitars had the patent number clearly stamped on the little metal piece that holds the pick up in place.

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he American Ace of Aces, Eddie Rickenbacker, was a successful race car driver, fighter pilot, airline executive, wartime advisor, and elder statesman.