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We all should know this, but of course we knew and planned for this about as much as we did about invading Iraq. Nonetheless, he’s also showing signs of emotional unavailability, and has been for awhile now. He can barely talk to me much anymore about anything deep. Stop buying him things, stop trying to be his solution, and stop behaving like a vet wife or widow because right now, you are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at him and he is not responding. It’s a disproportionate response and you keep making excuses for him to keep being invested and you need to seriously slow your roll.

Can’t ask me how I’m doing on any great level other than a brief “how are you”… This is the core behaviour of the co-dependent Over-Giver Fallback Girl.

"Guys with PTSD have a much harder time being physically close, let alone emotionally close.

And from a woman's perspective, you almost require that closeness to be invested in a sexual relationship," Brannan said.

Doctors and other medical professionals who work for the VA are not the source of this problem.


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