Dating a gold digger

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If you try to be upfront and seek an explanation from someone who actually loves you, it is a surety that your relationship will meet an instant demise.

Rather than directly confronting your girl, try to identify the following traits that are associated typically with gold digging women: You might have told her about your salary but she wants to know more, constantly scraping for more information about your family status, parental savings and inherited riches and even your savings.

If she’s a gold digger, she will always be curious about how much money you have in your bank account.

She will probably know your spending and savings more accurately than you do. Watch how she acts when you talk about anything related to your money and properties. Does she play extra nice after finding out about your income or after you shower her with expensive gifts?

This is a definite sign of a lady using her boyfriends for maintaining a lifestyle she cannot afford.


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