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Rebecca, who was the victim of stealthing as a freshman, said she hears about stealthing from students and says many callers start with, ‘I’m not sure this is rape, but…’Kathleen Kempke, with the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, says she's aware of the trend.“I have had other cases that I've been very similar to this,” said Kempke.

As far as the crisis center is concerned, a person who feels violated is a victim, she said.“And they deserve the same kind of services and support that a victim that is raped by a stranger or a raped by an acquaintance would get,” said Kempke.

Finally, I asked him whether a slap on the face had intrinsic meaning, and he said it’s an insult.

He agreed these have transcultural meaning, even when they’re expressed without any words.

The study also pointed to online forums where men often brag about removing a condom during sex or offer advice on how to get away with it.