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It also does not perform any validations when submitting the form.It might be used when you want to submit the form right inside the custom submit handler. It's used when you need to revalidate the field which its value is updated by other plugin.The date time picker contains a validation event which may be handled in code; the problem with validating the control using its validation event is that, if the validation includes confirmation of the change, the validation event will fire twice.

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I am sorry for posting this question as it may be find silly to all, but I am not getting the exact solution.

The question is: I have a Date time picker in my project, it comes after the 3 textboxes in the form, if there is no text is entered in the textbox and enter on submit, it gives a message(validation) that data to be entered.

They tend to have code in them that runs after they fired the event which may well invalidate what you did.

The Validating event is especially tricky because it is raised as a side-effect of the focus changing.

In the same way, if the date is not selected, it should proceed further.


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