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BIOS As we're seeing on most ASUS boards these days, the Crosshair V Formula uses a fancy UEFI BIOS.

While not the first screen you'll see when you enter the BIOS, the board does offer EZ Mode from the top right corner.

Now the board has the VGA LED lit and a Q-Code of C6. The q-code list published in the manual does not have any codes starting with C. More importantly, how do I get the motherboard to work, at this point I can't get to BIOS settings or anything.| I would contact ASUS technical support on this subject.

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(See also: How to use IDE drive in PC with SATA connectors.) ANSWER We would strongly warn you against attempting something like this.

Flashing a BIOS not intended for you specific motherboard could result in all sorts of problems, including leaving you with a motherboard which no-longer works at all.

******Get the MFA99X if you only plan on using 1 graphics card - that's the only difference between the two is the transfer rate of data between the two GPUs.

You will not see a performance boost by getting this one instead if you only use one GPU.

Throughout there's even more sub sections that let you control the boards power properties and adjust the timings on the RAM.


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    These are usually supplied to fix bugs but sometimes they also add new functionality.