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Federal loans can help to bridge some of the funding gap, but with the rising costs of tuition many students are finding it necessary to consider private lender loans.

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She informed me that because she could not speak with him she would not process my payment over the phone. Jessica proceeded then to wait on the phone for my PAYMENT confirmation number knowing very well that I was using the form of payment she had just told me could not be applied. Additionally, when I requested that I be re-enrolled in the auto-pay and thus get the 0.25% benefit she informed me that she would MAIL me the forms, in the physical mail and there was no way to enroll in auto-pay online or over the phone.

This seems like a problem EVERY other company has already solved... I called in to make a payment and the call was dropped so I called again and explained to the other rep what had happened.

When the time comes to plan for college, most students will need to rely on a variety of financial aid scenarios.

Grants and scholarships are always the preferred method of funding a college education, but even these can only go so far.

In addition to greatly improving your chances of obtaining a high paying job, a college education allows you to increase knowledge and skills in a particular field.


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