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In March last year, the AFP raided his Brisbane property.

Jeff Nagle, the Australian chief executive of International Justice Mission, is familiar with the raid."Upon the arrest of Kyle Dawson and the seizure of his computer equipment they were able to identify the location of some of that live-streaming abuse in the Philippines," he told 7.30."Kyle Dawson had recorded those shows to watch at a later date and had done that with the intent to share or watch again that there was stored material that could be used as evidence."The AFP tipped off authorities in the Philippines and together with International Justice Mission launched a sting operation by posing as a customer."That's when the police started to go into the house and rescue the children," Mr Inocencio said."They're being provided with psychological care, especially trauma-informed care."Joann is now being prosecuted for qualified trafficking — basically this is the law against trafficking against persons in the Philippines."In July, Dawson was sentenced to five years in prison at the Brisbane District Court.

The governor is calling on the embattled state senator to resign.

The Accountability and Disclosure Commission released the full report in the incident that includes the NSP investigation, emails, and messages sent between Kintner and the woman.

Not only did he misuse the government property but that act also involved moral turpitude,” Sen. "I've got to do everything that I can to purge it of that wrongdoing scallywag."Kintner says he won't resign and that his constituents can still trust him because he's confessed to what he's done."This is not a political decision, this decision is me being obedient to God and we know what happens when I'm not. Senator Chambers says he will draft a resolution of impeachment to get Kintner out of office for good.


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